Boger Profile

BMT, Inc is a professional mechanical products manufacturer,13 years ISO-9001-2000 certified mechanical manufacturing experience. Specialized in precision mechanical components and moulds manufacturing.

Boger precision CNC machining plant locate in SuZhou city, Nearby ShangHai, China. Integrated precision CNC Machining components & injection moulds manufacturing; tooling; Jigs & Fixtures; Industrial products fabrication; inspection;testing and packaging service. Boger have another assembly plant in Su Zhou, our assembly line focus on providing professional assembly and fabrication service for our clients.

BMT own a professional project management and customer service team in Shang Hai, our project managerment team focus on providing professional engineering & Technical support; project tracking; shipping and other commercial services.professional project management and customer service team assist our plants providing our clients high quality products; competitive costs; timely shipment service.

Please contact us to bring you high quality products and excellent industrial services. Looking forward to cooperate with you.

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